Your Essential Oil Vet

Dr. Janet Roark is a veterinarian and the proud owner of Hill Country Mobile Veterinary Service in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. She started using essential oils for her own health after battling physical as well as emotional struggles related to stress. Essential oils have quite literally changed her life forever, and because of that, she has to tell everyone she meets about them!

“I was very skeptical of Essential Oils and did not think they could help me at all. But, like so many people that find hope in essential oils, I was desperate. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time and taking time off work to go to the doctor 2-3 times a month was taking its toll on my life. So I tried an essential oil and within 15 minutes I was feeling better… 6 months later I was using them in my practice and educating others and 2 years later I started “doing the business” and it has changed my world, enhanced my quality of life, and now I’m starting to see my dreams realized. That hope I was looking for… I found it… and now you can have that hope too!”

Dr. Roark began using essential oils in her practice about 6 months after incorporating them into her daily life, and doing a lot of research and reading every available book and article she could find on the subject. Her first case was nothing short of miraculous and she has never looked back since. She has dedicated herself to educating others about the safe and effective use of essential oils for animals and the people who own and love them! Her hope and prayer is that you find the information here on this website valuable and are able to use essential oils safely and more comfortably in your home.

Dr. Roark's Animals

Meet my four-legged family


Our newest addition to the family.

Favorite oil: Adaptive


The outside of a horse is good for the inside of Dr. Roark.

Favorite Oil: Peppermint


Lucy is the BEST dog in the world!

Favorite Oil: Copaiba


Sassy, and the queen of the house for sure.

Favorite oil: Lavender


Very cute, but sometimes a little crazy.

Favorite oil: Balance


My Desert Rosy Boa…he’s been with me since vet school!

Favorite Oil: Bergamot

Advice You Can Trust

Dr. Roark has a passion for helping people with their animals and she has been working hard to offer you the best.
  • Dr. Roark has been practicing Veterinary Medicine for over 16 years.
  • She has helped tens of thousands of people use natural options including essential oils to improve the quality of life and wellness of their animals.
  • She is the author of the Essential Oils for Pets Guidebook.
  • She has been featured in international publications read by hundreds of thousands of essential oil users.
  • She speaks at events throughout the country and internationally on the topic of essential oils and animals, both to smaller groups and crowds with tens of thousands of people.

Thank you Dr. Roark for sharing all you know and showing how much you care!