Essential Oil Vet Affiliate FAQ

The Essential Oil Vet Affiliate Program is an incredible program designed to reward people that are inviting others to the Essential Oil Vet Membership, Challenges, and Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Certification Course (Level 1)! Instead of just paying Facebook for ads, Essential Oil Vet LLC, pays YOU!

When someone uses your custom affiliate link to join the Essential Oil Vet Membership, you earn a commission.  You get to help friends access the resources they need to use Essential Oils safely and effectively with their animals, and earn a percentage of every payment they make!

*Other commissionable products include Essential Oil Vet Challenges and the Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Certification Level 1 course!

Great news! Yes, commissions can be earned on products that have payment plans and product/subscription renewals (multiple payments = multiple commissions).

Essential Oil Vet Affiliates can receive up to 20% of payments made using their affiliate link!

Affiliates receive 20% commission for Essential Oil Vet Membership subscriptions and Essential Oil Vet Challenges (such as the 7-Day Happy Healthy Dog Challenge). They receive a 10% commission for the Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Certification Level 1 course.

**AASC Level 2 members – Please contact for your commission plan details.

Nope! There no cost for being an Essential Oil Vet Affiliate.  You will want to be sure to join Dr. Roark’s email list (if you haven’t already) so you know about upcoming challenges and classes. We highly recommend that all Affiliates join the Essential Oil Vet Membership! Learn more about membership here.

Become an Essential Oil Vet Affiliate