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Chris Huppe, Holistic RN, ADAEP

Chris Huppe, Holistic RN, ADAEP

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist & Equine Podiatrist

About Chris

Chris has been an RN for over 30 years and holds a graduate certificate in Holistic Nursing from the University of Connecticut. She has an Advanced level diploma from the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry ( and maintains an active equine podiatry business.

Chris is the founder of From Backseat to Boss, her signature program where she helps horse partners,

    • Approach their horse’s health care holistically
    • Use natural substances when possible, and,
    • Reduce vet bills—-substantially.

Chris has 15 years experience helping people use holistic health care with their animals. She lives in a quiet New England town with her husband of 31 years, two horses, the English Bulldog she reveres and Binns (the most lovable cat you’ve ever encountered).

Areas of Specialty

  • Horses
  • Dogs

Appointment Availability

Chris offers remote appointments via Zoom, Phone, and Email. Contact her today to request a consultation!

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