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Djamila Dawson

Djamila Dawson

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist

About Djamila

Djamila’s passion for animals started at a young age, she just knew she wanted to be around them, understand them better and above all else help them when they’re in need. Special needs animals always seem to find their way to her. From traumatized dogs and differently abled bunnies to rats in need of special care. She will do whatever it takes, for her own animals, as well as yours.

In 2017 Djamila welcomed her first pet rats. The rats were an important part of Djamila’s animal journey, she founded The Boho Rat to promote proper husbandry and enriching living environments, and it was her special needs rat, Nanook, who got her on the animal aromatherapy path. After witnessing first hand what a huge difference aromatherapy made for Nanook, Djamila knew she had to spread the word and help more animals.

As there’s always more to learn, Djamila plans on continuing her education to get certified in more areas of animal care. She founded Aurora Holistic Animal Services with this in mind. For the time being she offers aromatherapy consultations, in both Dutch and English. She welcomes all species but has a vast knowledge about rats and dogs in particular.

Areas of Specialty

Animal Aromatherapy with all species especially:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rats

Appointment Availability

Djamila offers remote appointments via Phone, Email, and Video Call (Zoom, Facebook, Instagram). In-person consultations are available to clients in the Voorburg area (Netherlands). Contact her today to request a consultation!


Consultations available in English and Dutch.

Contact Djamila

+31 6 4025 9296 (Netherlands)