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Emma Hamilton

Emma Hamilton

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist & Dog Trainer

About Emma

Emma’s journey using essentials oils began in 2016 when she wanted natural ways to manage her 2 beloved dogs anxious behaviour and skin issues. She discovered the amazing benefits essential oils were having not just on her dogs but in her own health and wellbeing. Following this Emma realized this was her passion to help animals and their humans and has spent the last 5 years studying animal aromatherapy and how our animals can benefit using a holistic approach.

Emma has been working with families with complex needs for over 18 years and knows first hand the impact stress has on our mind and body. She knew this was also evident in dogs from her experience with working with rescue dogs and dogs she has met along the way.

Along with her own dogs anxiety and her love for animals it inspired her to specialise in helping dogs who suffer from anxiety, from noise phobias to anxious car travelers. and the physical and emotional impact stress has on the body, supporting their journey as well as their human.

In addition to this Emma’s other love is working with senior animals and supporting them to continue to achieve their best lives.

Emma received her first Animal Aromatherapy Specialist certification Level 1 with Dr Roark in 2020 and has been learning from her for the past 4 years and continues to with Level 2.

Over the years, Emma has also studied Reiki 1 and 2, T.Touch, Dog Behaviour Management, First Aid for Pets 1 and 2, Canine Massage and also completed an Aromatherapy for Pets course with the Australian College of Aromatherapy.

Emma is also a Pro Dog Trainer offering force free fun training methods to dog owners who have dogs with behaviour struggles.

Emma lives with her partner and two beautiful senior rescue dogs, Sunny and Grommie in Western Sydney, Australia.

They are passionate supporters of rescue dogs and volunteer weekly at a local rescue group working with anxious and stressed dogs, using a variety of techniques including aromatherapy to help support them to transition to new forever homes.

Areas of Specialty

  • Aromatherapy for Dogs
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional/Behavioural work
  • Senior dogs
  • Rescue Dogs

Appointment Availability

Emma offers remote appointments via Zoom, Phone, and Email. In-person consultations are available within a 70km radius of Western Sydney. Contact her today to request a consultation!

Contact Emma

+61 4 5228 0543 (Australia)