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Evelyn Duperron

Evelyn Duperron

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist

About Evelyn

Essential Oil, Homeopathic, and Herbal Remedies have all been a major part of Evelyn’s life from a very young age.

Evelyn’s father suffered a severe injury to his back when Evelyn was 14 years old. With ongoing medical treatment, his system suffered damage and he became sensitive to most drugs on the market. It basically became impossible for medical doctors to help manage her father’s health.

​A solution had to be found and Evelyn’s mom, Grace, started studying Essential Oil, Herbal, and Homeopathic Remedies to help her husband. Through Grace’s ongoing studies and applying the knowledge she learnt, these remedies became very popular in their home and were used for both humans and animals, and still is today!

By the time Evelyn completed her high school years she was already very familiar with some herbs, essential oils and homeopathic remedies, thanks to her mother’s influence and through continued self-study from books and further education. She continued to apply these remedies daily in own her household and even in her business as a Dance Instructor and as an Aesthetician. As time went by, more and more of Evelyn’s clients started phoning her to book consultations for advice on different natural remedies which they can use for their own health concerns, or for a family member or their animals. Between Evelyn and her mom they still help humans, but Evelyn felt she needed to go a step further. She absolutely loves working with animals and being mostly human focused in her business up until now, she felt she needed more education and guidance with animals.

In 2021, Evelyn took a leap of faith and started her journey with world renowned veterinarian, Dr. Janet Roark and became certified as a Level 1 Animal Aromatherapy Specialist. Evelyn is presently still under mentorship of Dr. Roark and is completing her Level 2 certification as an Animal Aromatherapy Specialist. Evelyn is loving every moment of her new field of study and is helping animals daily.

“I always wanted to be a Veterinarian or a Nature Conservationist, but life took me on a different journey and I thought I missed the train in the animal department. I love teaching dance, and working as an aesthetician also taught me a lot, but practicing as an Animal Aromatherapy Specialist is my real dream come true.”

Evelyn’s favorite natural remedies are Essential Oils. Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are easy and safe to use, have very little to no side effects, is not addictive and are highly effective for most situations. When the correct Essential Oil are chosen for a specific issue (in both animals and humans), relief can often be seen within 15-20 minutes!

Areas of Specialty

  • Aromatherapy & Natural Solutions for all animals
  • Canine Behavior
  • General Canine and Feline Health & Wellbeing

Appointment Availability

Evelyn offers remote appointments via Zoom, Phone, and Email. In-person consultations are available to clients living within the greater Harrismith area (South Africa). Contact her today to request a consultation!


Appointments available in English and Afrikaans.

Contact Evelyn

+27 83 294 5616 (South Africa)