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Lady Helen Knutton-Allcroft

Lady Helen Knutton-Allcroft

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist

About Lady Helen

Lady Helen has over 10 years experience working with animals and specialises in rabbits and guinea pigs. She is a certified animal aromatherapy specialist with a passion for animals. She uses essential oils for both her own health and that of her beloved pets.

Helen has worked hard and learned a lot through Dr. Roark’s Animal Aromatherapy Specialist Certification program and is so grateful for the journey she is on. Becoming an animal aromatherapist has given her a new outlook on her animals’ health, along with her own. She is looking forward to helping many animals with more natural ways of healing.

Helen is also a fully qualified and insured pet pregnancy scanner for small animals; focusing on cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. She is a qualified and insured microchipping specialist for small animals in the UK.

Helen boards small animals – specialising in rabbits and guinea pigs through to mice, gerbils, rats and hamsters. She has been helping her guests’ owners when it comes to illness and support for their beloved animals, using essential oils as an alternative therapy on its own or alongside veterinary treatments.

Helen enjoys helping animal owners discover a solution to help their pets heal while experiencing the power that alternative healing can offer.

Areas of Specialty

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Dogs
  • Cats

Appointment Availability

Lady Helen offers remote appointments via Zoom, Phone, and Email. In-person consultations are available to clients living in the west Yorkshire area – with view to extending the area in the near future. Contact her today to request a consultation!

Contact Lady Helen

077 1979 1991 (UK)