Essential Oil Vet Network of Certified Animal Aromatherapy Consultants

Lisa Perkins

Lisa Perkins

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist

About Lisa

“When you love your dogs, you’re happy to provide the best possible care for them. Essential oils have empowered me and other pet owners to do that in an effective and affordable way.”  – Lisa Perkins, Hawaii

Lisa believes that helping pet owners learn how to use essential oils is the key to lasting impact on the overall health of their pets. With over 30 years of workforce and leadership development experience, building success through knowledge sharing and practical application is a valuable cornerstone of her services.

Under the guidance of renowned Essential Oil Vet Dr. Janet Roark, Lisa has become a Certified Animal Aromatherapist, and continues to build her credentials as a member of her Level 2 certification program. Lisa is an active member of the EO Vet Network of Certified Animal Aromatherapy Consultants, and is unhesitant to tap into and bring the wisdom of the group to discussions with pet owners.

Contact Lisa to experience the aloha she brings to the care of your pet!

Areas of Specialty

  • Aromatherapy with Dogs
  • Anxiety & Emotion
  • Special Care of Senior Dogs
  • AromaTouch
  • Bessana Scans

Appointment Availability

Lisa offers remote appointments via Zoom and Phone. In-person consultations are available in Hawaii and Las Vegas. Contact her today to request a consultation!

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