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Tiffanie Beggs

Tiffanie Beggs

Animal Aromatherapy Specialist

About Tiffanie

Tiffanie lives in Surrey, England, United Kingdom with her two cockerpoos Jazzie and Daisie. Tiffanie has been in the caring industry for over 20 years. Firstly, for 12 years caring for young children and secondly, the last 10 years caring for dogs in the form of adventurous walks, day care and home boarding.

In recent times Tiffanie added to her portfolio, having studied pure essential oils and put this learning into practise with her current clients.

Three years ago Tiffanie’s first cockerpoo Bella (otherwise known as ‘Tinker Mouse’) aged six was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which turned out to be caused by a tumour in the brain pushing on the pituitary gland. As a result Tiffanie had to choose from three incredibly tough choices.

Since then, having studied with Dr. Janet Roark and due to witnessing the benefits of EO, both for humans and animals, she has realised the knowledge she has now learned would have influenced her thought process in a different way from her decision of three years ago.

Tiffanie has had success with her clients using EO which offers support for emotional & physical challenges as well as preventative care. Tiffanie believes that preventative care is key as it can give the opportunity for dogs to live their healthiest life for longer, giving families more quality time together, hugs and ‘I love you’ moments, which we, as animal lovers all know, are to be cherished now and for always.

Areas of Specialty

  • Aromatherapy with dogs
  • Cockerpoo breeding (and anything to do with cockerpoos!)
  • Pet bereavement support

Appointment Availability

Tiffanie offers remote appointments via Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom. In-person consultations are available to clients living in the Surrey and South London area. Contact her today to request a consultation!

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